Hansel & Gretel by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

A Christmas Present to myself.. Though I have been anticipating the arrival of this picture book ever since Clive Hicks-Jenkins came along to my university and gave a talk about being an illustrator and his story way back towards the start of 2016.

The book is an adaptation of Hansel & Gretel, a 'Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale' reimagined by Clive Hicks-Jenkins. With his beautifully original illustrations, and theatre background Clive brings a well known tale back to life, with a few surprises and twists.

The book can be bought from 'Random Spectacular' http://www.stjudesprints.co.uk/collections/random-spectacular/products/hansel-gretel-clive-hicks-jenkins .

I have massive respect for this artist, with his work being of huge inspiration to me as an illustrator during a turning point for my work, practice and career as an illustrator.


#picturebook #illustrator #CliveHicksJenkins

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