Flattering words

When I went to Portsmouth Guildhall cafe for my interview with 'That's Solent Tv', I met Gill Horn a Hampshire writer who had come along to the Guildhall especially after seeing my exhibition advertised in a local paper.

It turns out Gill, like me, is interested in dusty and rusty old 'things' and collections! She was kind enough to write a little something in response to my exhibition. Here is what she wrote...

Sensitive images

of disparate objects

become a journal of life.

Delicately drawn wall lamp

shedding light on shaded memories.

Once objects of desire,

china cats are later renounced.

I heard an objection!

Now newly discovered and pampered

as valuable references.

Some items coated in webs of memories

revitalised by careful observations.

Tender mark making

giving new phase of life.

A set of silver spoons oblivious

of their sketched importance

encased in purple satin

royally displayed for public view.

The curious and familiar

given equal importance

exposing eclectic interests

outlined with mystery of time and place.

The collector's selection

further edited by the illustrator,

crosses between generations.

Discarded toy and teddy,

once the centre of the child's universe

rise from later insignificance

to art object of respect.

Their very presence allows intimate memories

to be relived two dimensionally

as they reach out from the wall

to grasp a new existence in the now.

Gill Horn Jan 2017.

Thank you Gill, it is inspiring to know that my exhibition provoke thought and response, especially from a fellow creative! Beautiful words.

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